The Casual Friday

Sorry, our lawyers said we cannot use the name of the major sporting event this weekend that rhymes with Schmuper Soul, unless we want to pay big money for licensing. I guess that means we’ll have to get creative.

Here are some Super Friday links:

  • Over 16 million people call-in sick to work the Monday after the “Super Pigskin Party.” Well, not for Heinz salaried employees. Go ahead and sign the petition while you’re at it. #smunday
  • Think the National Anthem for the “Sunday Funday Championship” will be longer than 1 min and 58 secs? Think someone will catch fire during the half-time show?! Put your money where you mouth is.
  • Can we please make Wassup cool again? #true

  • Hey Iowans, might as well head over to the Urbandale Target for your “Beer Bowl” booze. Looks like a fun time. Dance party, aisle 7.
  • 1.2 billion chicken wings will be consumed during the “Overpriced Commercial Extravaganza!” Here are some additional fun facts.
  • Speaking of chicken wings. Be the talk of your “Post Puppy Bowl Party” with this loaded boneless wing recipe.
  • Most “Belichick Bowl” party games are the same every year. Checkout this creative game that will have every party goer engaged from the coin-flip to the final whistle. Simply save the image, print copies, have each guest circle their answers, and the most correct wins!

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Until next week, cheers!

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