The Casual Friday

Hey friends, welcome to spring!

We’ve got a new spring sock lineup we’ll be sharing in the coming weeks – new designs, new colors, new patterns, new lengths – We’re so excited, we wet our plants! (wow, lame) Seriously though, we’re stoked about the new designs and can’t wait to share the new Sock Shop additions with all of you. Follow us on the socials to keep up to date or bookmark us on the interwebs.

As always, here are a few links to help get your Friday sprung:

  • Here is the best job posting, EVER! Who wouldn’t want to make money playing with legos?! Just don’t walk around the office without shoes. #ouch
  • Standing desk, out. Seated desk walker, in! The HOVR desk attachment allows for you to “walk”, while being seated.
  • Fidget toys are all the rage. It started with simple spinners and now companies are taking it to the next level. Check out the fidget cube; 6 sides of unusually addicting games, to regain your focus at work. Do you play with your pen? Tap your fingers? Spin your phone? Well, then fidget toys are just for you!
  • Flipping unbelievable! Is this video legit, or a hoax? The interwebs can’t decide. Side note: do kids still play outside these days? or is everyone inside flipping things and posting on youtube?
  • Who doesn’t love Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap Supreme? Am I right!?! Well here is a quick video showing you how to make them at home. Boom!

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Until next week, cheers!

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