The Casual Friday

Couples —Valentine’s Day is Tuesday. This is your FINAL WARNING!!

Single guys/gals — ignore social media on Tuesday – you WILL be annoyed. This is your ONLY WARNING!!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, there are some schools that don’t allow kids to hand out candy anymore. Instead, they pass out trinkets and stickers. Kids these days will never understand the frustration of accidentally giving the mean girl in class the candy heart that says, “Will you be mine?” to then have her think you like her, and now have to avoid her arm-punch flirting at recess, lunch and during heads-up 7up. Punching the arm is not flirting! It hurts!  …I digress.


As promised, here are some Get-Through-Friday-So-I-Can-Enjoy-The-Weekend links:

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Until next week, cheers!

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